3 reasons why clients choose dealerships for vehicle service and maintenance

One reason for the car service and maintenance business is the rise of many garages. These garages offer lower rates than the dealership auto shops in the market. As part of the shop management software, you need to know why clients continue to choose your business. Why don’t they go to these cheap garages? You can attract more clients regardless of the trends in the auto repair shops. You only need to hone your business strengths.

Here you will get the top 3 reasons clients prefer to choose auto dealership shops. You will know how dealership management technology helps a business.


When clients get their cars serviced, they look for an easy experience. Clients will pay even more if they get a smooth and convenient service. Vehicle service and maintenance is an extra task for clients. They need to do it with lower disruptions to their schedules. Some of the conveniences you can offer as a dealership auto shop are:

  • Loaner car or shuttle service
  • Comfy waiting rooms with Wi-Fi and offer kids playing areas, TV, coffee, and tea.
  • A quicker lane to deal with simple maintenances like oil changes
  • Text updates for approval and the estimated service times.

You need to offer two-way communication with clients. You can use the SMS and text messaging integration. It will allow for quick repair recommendations and approvals.

Clients will be able to know the car service process.


Many vehicle owners depend on their cars to carry out their daily duties. They are willing to pay more to have the service done faster. Dealership auto shops have an expansive inventory of vehicle parts. It guarantees fast service delivery. The enormous inventory will result in quicker turnaround times on any service done. Besides the extensive vehicle parts inventory, there is also smooth communication. The communication is between the service and parts departments. The dealerships won’t face longer waits and inefficiencies on any job order. The vehicle goes through the service bay and back to its owner within a short time. Employees can keep job stacks moving while waiting for approvals and warranty submissions. It will help to reduce the waiting time for clients.


Clients prefer dealership auto shops because they don’t want to miss the warranty. The warranty comes from vehicle manufacturers. The provided warranty covers all costs to repair and replace vehicle parts. The warranty is for two years. It means that dealership auto shops have to use this time to offer top-notch services. They will keep the clients even after the expiry of the warranty period.

Clients will opt for other companies if service provision is slow. They will do the same if it’s not to the standard or communication issues are present. These are the core issues that all dealership auto shops face. Their respective managers are trying to improve them to increase customer satisfaction. The primary factor in attaining all these three is swift management and communication. Get the best management and communication tool to give efficiency.

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