Engineers: The People who Power our Engines

Everything you need to know about engineering, manufacturing, and building cars.

There are hundreds of jobs available in and around vehicles. You might be a mechanic, a tyre fitter, you might be a marine engineer, or an aerospace engineer. Those with a good eye for cars, engines, vehicles, and how they all work together in harmony, might make great automotive engineers. However, it takes more than just an automotive engineer to build a car. The process begins right back in the manufacturing stages of vehicle mechanics.

Let’s talk about how we build cars – and what qualifications, skills, and experience, you might need to do the same.

What Type of Engineer Builds Cars?

Commonly, an automotive engineer is responsible for the design and execution, as well as the testing, of new motor vehicles. However, the world of mechanics is never quite this simple. A mechanical engineer might also be able to produce a car engine that works. Admittedly, the overall finish might not be as sleek or as cool. Similarly, a manufacturing engineer is necessary to put the whole lot together, cost the parts, and produce the engine as per the specs given by the other two. There is no point in simply designing the car if you don’t know how to build it in practice.

If you were to pursue a career in engineering with a focus on car building, automotive engineering would be the closest skill to allow you to do that. Let’s look at what other qualifications you would need to pursue an engineering career, then we will discuss what your salary might be.

What Skills and Qualifications Do I Need to Build Cars?

If you would like to build cars for a living, you will need to study hard to do so. You might be able to put the parts together, but a role in engineering is about far more than this. A car builder has to design each part, then fit it all together in a way that works. Their job doesn’t stop there, either. Once built, the engine needs to be fine tuned and refined. The parts could be smaller, lighter, use less fuel. All of this requires patience, a keen eye, and a good knowledge of manufacturing.

Hiring Manufacturing Professionals | Hays Recruitment

One of the best ways that garages source engineers capable of building new or rebuilding old cars, is to hire in recruitment professionals. Hays have years of experience in matching engineers with their dream jobs. By browsing their pages, you should find engineering work when you qualify.

How Much do Automotive and Manufacturing Engineers Make Per Annum?

If this line of work appeals to you, you might want to know how much you can expect to make. The average salary for an automotive engineer here in the UK is £35,000 per annum. This rises up to over £50k when you develop experience. If you specifically want the chance to design and produce new cars, you should mix up your automotive degree with skills in manufacturing. A manufacturing engineer can expect to earn an average £32k salary, with potential increases up to £43k.

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