Everything You Need to Know Before Shipping Your Vehicle – Choose the Best Service

Your car might be very precious to you as it might have been your first car or maybe a gift from your late grandfather. Would you like it if it gets damaged while shipping? Well, the answer is no. Some car shipping companies also have insurance to protect your vehicle from any damage due to shipping. This is why you must choose the right shipping company for your car.

The right shipping service:

Ship a Car, Inc has been in this industry for a very long time now and is experts in this field. They provide you with the best services and ensure that your car is safely delivered to the expected delivery location. You can get an instant shipping quotation on their website and book your shipment reservation. 

After booking, you can sit back and relax as the company will dispatch a carrier and the vehicle will be picked up and dropped safely by the company itself. You can find all types of trailers & trucks for auto transport here. 

Things you should know before you ship a vehicle:

You might not be an expert in choosing the right service or company. We are here to tell you what you need to know:


Shipping your car might be risky depending on the method you choose. Open carries might be cheap but your vehicle will be prone to damage when you opt for this method as it is exposed to the environment. Most of the enclosed carries have nylon straps and wheel nets to protect your vehicle from damage. 

Your vehicle will be tied with a chain or a strap, which if gets loose in an open carrier can damage your vehicle. 

Read reviews:

You must always read the reviews of the transport company that you want to choose. With so many options, the best way you can decide the right company is from people’s real-life experiences. Hence reading reviews is not a waste of time. 

Beware of brokers: 

You must always contact the company directly even if you are shipping your vehicle for the first time. If you don’t want your precious vehicle to get lost find the right company by yourself. Ship A Car Inc also provides services for individuals and businesses.

Don’t give a deposit:

 No reputable and exclusive car shipping company will ask you for a deposit, they would instead ask for payment when picking up the car or while dropping it at the destination. This is also a trusted way as you can pay them right If the services are good and send them back if they have not met up with your expectations. 

Insurance policies:

Don’t just go by words if your company says they have your vehicle insured. You must always ask for a certificate of insurance that includes coverage amounts for liability, cargo limit, worker’s compensation, and deductible, if applicable. Broker companies do not carry out insurance only a direct shipping company can carry out insurance policies.

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