How to Select Right Shock Absorbers for Your Truck?

Shock absorbers are one of the important parts of every truck, as they are able to reduce the vibrations which occurs due to driving the truck on any uneven surfaces. Super Duty front reservoir shocks will be able to absorb the vibration energy with the help of springs.

These springs fitted in the shock absorbers will convert vibration energy into heat to dissipate it into the atmosphere. As a result, there will be:

  • Much reduced suspension movement
  • Better comfort of riding
  • Better handling performance.

Let us first discuss about few common truck shock absorber types that are available:

  • Twin-tube shock absorber

This kind of shock absorber has got single inner and outer tube. A piston will reside in its inner tube, while extra fluid with some air will be stored in outer tube.

You must pay attention as an off-roader, to the piston diameter, which is called as bore size. Often truck shock absorbers can have larger bore size, as this will allow for much more spring’s energy absorption.

  • Twin-tube shock absorber (Gas-charged)

Traditional twin-tube design has got one drawback, as it can create a foam by mixing fluid and air. Foam can inhibit damping performance, as it can get compressed.

Therefore, by using gas-charged shock absorber, this problem can be addressed.

  • Monotube shock absorber

This kind of shock has two pistons and one tube. Like a piston in twin-tube design, one of these two pistons will work and the other one is dividing piston that separates your fluid from nitrogen gas charge.

  • Reservoir shocks

Reservoir shock absorber has mainshock which is filled with fluid, and external reservoir will hold pressurized nitrogen or air.

As the shock piston will compress, fluid will be pushed against the reservoir’s pressurized gas, which will resist movement and dampen action of springs.

  • Coil-over shocks

In this type, there is one coil spring around the shock body. Spring will support vehicle’s weight and will control suspension movement. With multiple coil-over shocks, truck’s ride height can be adjusted and also damping performance is achieved.

Selecting truck shock absorbers

For highway drivers as well as infrequent off-roaders, twin-tube shock absorbers will be right choice. However, for regular driving at higher speed, it will be better to upgrade to reservoir shocks or monotube.

For towing/load-carrying use, coil-over shocks can be the right choice, as they can offer extra support for weight of rig.

You can select any of the above designs for 4-wheelers.

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