List of Inflatable Boats That Triples the Amount of Fun During Your Boating Escapades

Almost all families love spending time in water. Having your own mode of transportation makes things more fun. Boats are a huge investment causing many to be apprehensive about getting one. Inflatable boats are a great alternative to those who have price concerns. These boats are very stable, rigid and require easy maintenance.

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Inflatable boat types:

There are a handful of types and each of them serves a specific purpose. Read along to know which one suits your family better.

  • Inflatable raft: They are meant for recreational purpose and work great for a day at the beach with family or floating around in the pond. The floor is comfortable to sit on. The price is anywhere between $30 and $300 and the vessel can hold up to 6 passengers.
  • Inflatable pontoon: Also known as catamarans, this vessel is made of two large air tubes held together by a metal frame or air bladder. The seat is right in the middle providing the best view for fishermen and the boat works great for flyfishing.
  • Inflatable kayak: Light-weight, easy to manoeuvre, versatile makes it a popular choice. It is simple to set up and holds 1 to 2 passengers. It is ideal for fishing kayaks, river running, river voyages and lake recreation.

  • High-performance hulls: These are used mostly by experienced boaters. The vessel offers excellent handling and high speed which could end up in boat accidents if amateurs maneuver it.
  • Rigid inflatable boat (RIB): This is a hybrid of traditional and inflatable boat and is armed with the best features of both. Its rigid hull offers excellent buoyancy and makes the boat ideal for even harsh sea conditions.
  • Inflatable dinghy/ inflatable sports boat: The sole purpose of these high-quality boats was to serve as tender to large boats. The ones used for recreational purposes currently are rugged, durable, versatile and seaworthy.

To ensure you don’t end up regretting your purchase, analyse well before purchasing. Think about how many years can use it, how you can transport it and in what kind of weather conditions you’ll use the vehicle.

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