Nano Ceramic Car Coating And Paint Protection

Car paint protection coating is a necessity for car owners who want to keep their vehicles looking as glossy as when they first bought them. Nano ceramic car coating gives your car an additional layer of water-repellent technology. The coating is thin and manually applied and offers protection from damage caused by chemicals, heat, dirt and manual corroding, and UV rays.

This protection is conferred by the most active chemical constituent, Silica dioxide, which is spread over the surface by nanotechnology. The Silica dioxide is a very good insulator that enables coated surfaces do withstand more pressure and damage than other non-coated surfaces; this is why it is becoming really popular in the auto industry.

How to apply car paint protection coating

Using a ceramic coating on your vehicle is a process that requires a certain level of attention and carefulness. Although the recommended way is to get a professional to do it, you can still get a DIY kit and carefully follow the instructions they contain. The most important things to take note of are:

  • Check with the manufacturer to make sure you are buying a genuine product. There are quite a number of low-quality products out there.
  • Get the best choice for the weather condition of your living environment. Ceramic coatings are of different grades, and your environmental conditions matter when choosing.
  • Make sure to follow every instruction given, read the whole instruction repeatedly until you understand every one of them.
  • Wash, clean and dry the car. Do not apply the ceramic coating over dirt or rough surfaces.

Benefits of ceramic coating

  • Durability: Car paint protection coating lasts longer than wax and paint seals. You can typically get between 2 and 5 years with ceramic coating.
  • Scratch-resistant technology: Ceramic coatings are categorized according to their hardness. Most of them are in the 8H, 9H and 10H category, which can withstand mechanical scratching for a long time. Now you can go through grassy areas without fear of getting lines on your car paint.
  • Protection from dust and pollutants: The most damaging factors to car paints are corrosive chemicals and extreme heat; your car is protected with ceramic coating. Water can also damage car surfaces, and the coating also offers protection from water.
  • Improve gloss: Ceramic coating also improves the original car paint’s brilliance and shine, leaving the car to look new for a more extended period.

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