Six Signs It Might be Time to Take your Vehicle to a Ford Service Center

Contemporary vehicles are more resilient than ever before. But, they still need regular maintenance to stay on the road for a long time. If you are wondering if it is time for Ford parts and service, here are some signs that tell you to take your vehicle for service.

Ignition Issues

The moment you start having ignition issues, you will experience inconveniences. Whether your vehicle refuses to start sometimes or the engine takes forever to turn over, you must bring it to a Ford service center. A lot of ignition issues can be easily diagnosed and fixed; however, they can get worse the longer you sit on them. And if it is a sparkplug issue, it could damage your engine.

Odd Noises

Your vehicle can make different strange noises that indicate issues. For instance, if you hear squealing or squeaking noises, this could mean the brake pads must be changed. Typically, metal scrapping indicates even worse issues like faulty engine oil that causes serious damage.

Reduced Efficiency

If you tend to go to the gas station more often than usual, this could indicate different issues. This could mean a leak or water in the tank or a spark plug issue. Luckily, these problems can be easily addressed at a Ford service center in Miami.

Break Problems

If your brakes tend to squeak occasionally, you don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes, brakes squeak if they are dirty or wet, which usually occurs after a rainstorm or a drive to the beach. But, if your brakes make any sounds beyond an occasional squeak, bring your vehicle immediately to the service center. Typically, squeaking means worn-out brake pads, which are important to ensure your vehicle stops. If your brake pads are worn out, you will hear metal grinding sounds.


Leaks underneath your vehicle could indicate the need for maintenance. If you want to further determine the issue, put a white material underneath your parked car and see the color of the leak. If it is bright green liquid, it means a coolant leak. A white dark red or brown liquid leak could mean brake fluid or oil leak. Remember, though, that your AC will leak fresh water in the summer which is normal and does not indicate you need maintenance.

Transmission Problems

These are serious issues. However, most drivers are not aware that the symptoms they are noticing indicate a faulty transmission. If your vehicle takes a little longer to accelerate or you observe engine power inconsistencies, this can indicate transmission issues.

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