The Dangers of Driving a Rundown Car

We always hear about how important it is to drive safely, but if you are driving an old and rundown car, the safety aspect of driving can be forgotten or neglected. Many old cars are still roadworthy, but also a lot of old ones pose a risk to their drivers and passengers as well as to others. You may have your reasons why you are still driving a rundown car; you don’t have the capacity to buy a new car, or it has a sentimental value to you. Either way, you have to realize that it is not safe to drive a beat-up car just for the sake of sentimental value. And you will spend more on repairs than if you buy a new car. If you need more convincing that it is high time to take your vehicle to a junk cars Plantation company to dispose of it, read on.

Poor brakes

Older cars are inferior to newer models with technologically advanced braking systems. If you are driving on the freeway, poor brake may cause accidents. Older braking systems require longer stopping distances. If you are on a freeway with a stopped car in front of you, you will not have enough time to brake without crashing into the other vehicle.


Rust affects not only the body of the car but other components as well. While it may be unsightly to drive a rusty old car, your problem lies underneath the vehicle itself. Rust corrodes a car’s metal parts, and they will no longer have the rigidity required for safe driving.

No safety features

One good thing about modern cars is that they are equipped with safety components like airbags. If your old car does not have an airbag, it can be scary to drive it. The impact of your body during a crash may prove to be fatal.

Causes more pollution

Old cars cause more pollution than newer models, and to convert them to an environmentally friendly system will cost you a lot of money. If you don’t have the cash, then your ride would continue to emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. You also face the risk of not passing an emission test.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, which is very harmful and sometimes can be fatal. A compromised exhaust system can leak carbon monoxide into the car’s interiors and can harm you and your passengers without you knowing it.

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere

If your car breaks down on a long trip and there is no repair shop in sight, it can be such a hassle. Defective parts can manifest their issues anytime, so if you are scheduled for a trip, you may be better off renting a newer car instead.

Investing in a new car model will provide you with the benefits that you need. Although it may cost you a lot of money upfront, you will realize your savings, later on, not to mention you will restore your safety and peace of mind on the road.


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